Headwrap almost done!

I say ALMOST because I’m planning to attach a piece of fabric to it. Perhaps pink or blue, for contrast. If I go with pink, maybe a floral pattern. Or, light blue. I’ll check out my fabric stash tomorrow and see what may work, or I’ll go to walmart and check out some fat quarters or the discard bin.

I’m not sure what I’ll make next- Crocheting for hours at a time makes my hands feel really odd and clumsy. Maybe my next project will be a small scale knitting project. I think I’m ready to knit again after the kitty scarf ordeal. That burnt me out fairly well. xD

I’ll probably have some idea about a knitting project tomorrow. I’ll have my sewing table on the 22nd and be able to sew things again. :3


But yeah, stuff’s happening and after finals, it’s very likely that lots of stuff will be happening. I’m going to take a couple of semesters off to indulge my hobbies and interests before I get caught up in special courses and mathematics.

Ideas anyone? [Saving for school hardware]

Alright, I’m going to be attending classes for Web Design in Fall or next Spring. For these classes it’s been said by my Advisor for my courses that I need a Macbook Pro, much to my disappointment. I really can’t afford this on my own, so I started this thing on Fundly to perhaps get a little bit of help with it. Of course, I’m going to put as much back from my meager paychecks as I possibly can and try my best to sell things on my Storenvy shop. Any help would be really appreciated, and if you don’t want to give anything to the fund itself, any purchase from my shop is going toward this as well. I’ll update the total with updated earnings periodically so I’ll be able to keep track of my personal savings easily. My likely, I’ll throw the money in a lockbox and not touch the box unless I’m putting something in it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I knew school would be expensive, but this on top of tuition?

Click here for the fund page

I may have to put that link at the bottom of my posts, I hope it won’t annoy anyone. :c



My earlier promise; Boho Headband take one!


Alright, I started to work on something. I’m using Bernat Sport yarn in Baby Baby, I think. I can’t remember which yarn it is because I long ago balled it up and have long since lost the label. I’ve had this yarn for over a YEAR and I’m just now making something with it. My god.

I’m making THIS which I found on Ravelry. I quite like it, though I wish I had used lace yarn for this. It’s fairly easy, so I can see making multiples. I can’t wait to have this thing done. I made it 250+4 chains long, which is quite a bit more than called for. I made more to account for the thinner yarn.

I made it through the first two rows, and now I’m taking a break. I think I may make it like 7-8 rows. Perhaps add some fringe to each end, I’m not sure. I do quite like this yarn though.

Fairly sure my next one will be made with this lovely teal yarn I have- or more like blue-green with a touch a of sheen to it. Or, maybe burgundy? I need to use up some of my stash before I buy more.

Reach out and touch someone!

   More specifically, me. I set up my email with the blog today.

The address is Wynn@wynnofalltrades.com

  Just click it and leave me a message. I’d be really happy to receive any feedback from my followers. Any projects you’d like to, or want to comment on. Any questions or requests at all, I’d be happy to hear them. Or, you know, if you just want to say hi. I think I’d be happy with just about anything. :D