Jasmine Hill Adventure!

This is just a teaser of the pictures I took today. If you want to, feel free to check out my Flickr!


See guys? I’m alive!

Going back to the old school

I recently upgraded my camera and decided I want to put myself out as a Photographer. I mean it’s a HUGELY competitive field, but I have to try. In preparation for this, I got contacts [because glasses are no bueno]. I’m going to play with film photography.

This desire was brought on by me playing with an instant film camera- I think it will give me a sense of accomplishment and an appreciation for shots. I’m excited.

I’ve not been making much lately, but I’ve been drawing and writing in a journal for therapeutic reasons. I’ll show you guys some of my drawings and photos. There should be some cool pictures coming Monday- my boyfriend and I are going to a Garden in Wetumpka called “Jasmine Hill” which has replicated Greek ruins and a statue of Athena.

Mainly I’ve been playing video games, mainly Rune Factory 4. Which, by the way, is really cute. REALLY CUTE.


I was taking pictures today and I thought I’d give you guys something. ANYTHING. I’ve been really, really inactive and I’m sorry. Here’s proof that I’m still doing things- just less things. I still love you. <3

Apologies, loves!

It’s been a terribly bland existence and for that I’m sorry. I’ve not been very good about making stuff, but I’m trying. I’ve been drawing and such, though.

I accidentally watched Teen Titans Go, while I was at work and fell in love with the character design for the Character of Jinx. Really. Look. Really. She’s so cute, and I’m afraid I didn’t do her too much justice.

As I type this, I have my photography site domain open in another tab, another thing I’m working on. Actually using Host Gator and stuff. WordPress.org and junk. Considering I work it all the time, I should be able to be kind of proficient with it.

I’ll share the domain with you guys later, once I get stuff done and I’m considering moving this whole site over to the .org platform. But I’m not sure.


Hi there, I’m not dead, just under motivated. But, I’ve been making things again like:

And a blue peace sign macrame bracelet that I haven’t posted yet.

I’ve been doing a lot with my new job lately, it requires me, for the time being, to build full webpages and test them extensively. So, I guess I’ve made like 3 websites. Essentially from scratch. But, I’m back, guys. I promise. I’ll be posting pictures and some random little jewelry crafts. I think I’ll play with resin again, since I have some ideas.

I would crochet some scarves or something, but it’s the summer and I don’t have the patience for working with lace weight yarn.

I’ve been drawing again

As you can see, I’ve been keeping busy. I keep forgetting that my name is Wynn of “ALL” trades, and drawing and photography would count as trades. Although I’ve strayed from the original concept of this blog. But it’s expanded, and I suppose that’s a good thing.

Tomorrow, I’ll be out with my best friend, but I should be making a post about something in the next week.~

Sorry for the unplanned Hiatus!

  I’ve been in a bit of a slump- it’s been a rough couple of days….or a rough week, or whatever. I started a new job and put in my notice at my other one. I started working on a little dragon. Somewhat sparingly. I just wanted to let you know that I’m not dead or anything, I’m going to start making things again as soon as I can get the feeling to.